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Ann Cueto

We are excited to introduce you to long time member of our TIS family – Ann Cueto.  Ann has been in the insurance industry since 1982.  Her professionalism, along with many years of knowledge and experience, makes Ann a great asset to our team and an advocate to her clients.  To know Ann, is to love Ann. There’s more to her than just insurance.

Ann was born in the Philippines and moved here to the states in 1968 where her parents felt they could provide her and her seven siblings a life with greater opportunities.  Her family did not grow up with much money, but they had all that they needed.  She speaks fondly of her mother who was her greatest example. Her mother’s strength, resourcefulness, courage and unconditional love shaped Ann into the woman she is today. Ann says her mother was “everything.”

Ann is married and has three grown boys whom she loves and would do anything for.  One of her favorite places to go is Balboa Park where she created special memories with her children growing up.  If she were to pick her favorite place she has traveled to, she would say Italy. Not only is Italy beautiful and full of rich history, but it is full of delicious food. Ann loves Italian food, and there was no better place to eat it but in Italy!

When asked, “What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing insurance?” – Ann answered, “I would be a fashion designer.” That was no surprise because Ann is known as the “Filipina Fashionista” of the office.  She is always wearing something cute and fashionable.

Something that many people might not know about Ann is that she is passionate about gardening. Being in her garden surrounded by a variety of plants, flowers, and trees, brings her so much joy. You might find her sitting in her garden, drinking her coffee, and reading a recipe or landscaping book in her free time.  After Ann retires from The Insurance Store, she still plans on keeping herself busy and spending more time gardening. She plans on working part-time in the garden section of Home Depot where she’ll be surrounded with all she needs to expand her hobby and love of gardening.

Ann’s favorite flower is an orchid. The delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty, and strength.  Just like an orchid, Ann is beautiful inside and out.