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Car Shopping: Fuel, Cost and Reputation

Car shopping can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced car buyers.  If you’re looking to buy a vehicle during the holiday season, which we are told is the best time for great deals, now is the time to start looking and comparing insurance rates. Keeping that in mind, we would like to bring to your attention crossover vehicles – which have been steadily winning sales over any other kind of vehicle for several years now. One may ask what makes these vehicles such a commodity, and are they really worth the investment?

Today’s crossover vehicles offer a full-size SUV feel but drive like a 4-door sedan. They are appealing to all, young families to retired communities alike. Don’t be confused though, the real reason crossovers are leading the sales is not their cargo space or their all-wheel drive, but how easy they are to get in and out of! This may sound like a joke, but customers like not having to bend down or step up into their cars. In general, they are a great choice and offer a wide variety of attractive features.

Part of being a wise shopper is comparing those luring features with fuel economy, maintenance costs, and reliable reputation. But, one of the areas in which car shoppers fall short is in comparing prices as to how much it will be to ensure their new car. Car insurance costs are based on risks determined by you and your vehicle. To determine a vehicle’s risk, insurers consider claim histories, including accidents, repair costs, and rates of car theft for said vehicle.

Crossovers are amongst the least expensive cars to insure. It may be time to consider joining the crossover trend.