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Meet Lissette

In 1902, a dairy farmer named his creamery after his wife Lynne Wood, calling it Lynwood. This name eventually took root in the area, and it now represents an area in Greater Los Angeles where one of our favorite staff members, Lissette Gomez, grew up. Growing up in this area with a family of three girls and one boy, brought about much adventure and excitement in her childhood.

Los Angeles, California has always been Lissette’s home, but recently, in 2017, she moved to the Riverside area with her family. Just like any good love story, Lissette and her husband met all the way back in junior high school. At the age of 13, she moved to another area, but her and Jorge remained the best of friends. In 2008 they reconnected and began dating, marrying in 2017. They have a beautiful daughter together named Jazmine.

One of Lissette’s new passions is owning and riding her Harley. Her and her husband Jorge enjoy riding together on their spare time. Her goal is to continue to learn how to customize and enhance it. She says her husband is a natural at fixing things and has been teaching her how to work on it. Lissette owns a 2018 Harley Sportster 1200 Custom that she is very proud of. One of their favorite things to do is to participate in the event, Rolling Deep for Charities, that takes place in Rosarito, Mexico. This charity blesses the lives of children in an orphanage there. Each year they ride their Harley’s down to Mexico to take part in raising money and awareness for these children.

Lissette’s favorite family vacation was their trip to Cancun where they were able to swim with stingrays. Although her daughter Jazmine was enthralled with the animals and wanted to swim with all the animals, including the sharks, Lissette was happy to get out of the water, feeling like she was going to drown!

If Lissette were to pick her favorite food, it would have to be pizza or buffalo hot wings. Her favorite restaurant to gets wings is a place in South Gate called Wing House. If you love hot wings, check it out! Lissette would love to travel one day to see Italy with all its history and maybe even eat some of its pizza.

Lissette’s personality is much like the food she eats – spicy and flavorful! She has a zest for life in all that she does and hopes to share that passion with those around her.