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Urban Angels November 2017

November 2017 – Urban Angels

Brent and Tiffani Thunstrom

TIS team members, families, and friends prepared and served dinner to Connections Housing residents. Combining efforts with Urban Angels, a non-profit agency whose mission is to feed San Diego’s homeless, TIS volunteers were given the opportunity to spend time with members of our community who are in need of help. Of her experience, Tiffani Thunstrom said, “It was amazing to hear about the many different talents and abilities that each individual had. So many of these people were professionals who just fell on hard times financially, and this center is providing them a hand up to help them get back to their previous successes.” TIS volunteers feel blessed by their experience and look forward to helping again in the future.

TIS family and friends at Urban Angels

Jennifer Williamson and her family also volunteered to help serve again this year. “My family members noticed how grateful and happier each one of the residents seemed to be this year.  The men and women seemed to feel at ease in sharing their stories on how they ended up at Urban Angels. We enjoyed their jokes and observations about life. They thanked us and wished their servers a Merry Christmas. It is personally rewarding to be a part of a company that values community service, and to be affiliated with Urban Angels, a company making positive changes for San Diego residents.” For more information or to volunteer, please visit www.urban-angels.com