Motor Truck Cargo

The success of a trucking business rides on every shipment. Anyone who hauls goods, commodities, or freight will need motor truck cargo insurance.

Motor Truck Cargo

When transporting items for someone, you are taking responsibility over those goods while they are in your possession. Whether the cargo is damaged in a collision, by a fire, or a accidentally dumped onto a highway, the related costs can be incredibly expensive. Cargo insurance protects you from liabilities that come with the risk of transporting goods for others.

Covered with Cargo Insurance

Motor Truck Cargo insurance is only available for “for-hire” trucking risks on policies with one or more commercial vehicle types. These include dump trucks, cement mixers, tractors, most trailers, box trucks, cargo vans, dually pick-ups, flatbeds and auto haulers.

Some types of cargo are not covered however. Below, you can find the most commonly excluded cargo types.

  • Art, jewelry, money, or paper
  • Contraband, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, alcohol
  • Live animals
  • Property while in custody of any other motor carrier
  • Storage greater than 72 hours
  • Shipping containers
  • Explosive or radioactive material
  • Property or goods owned by you, the insured

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Quote

Just like all insurance policies, motor truck cargo should be tailored to meet the needs of your business and operations. Our friendly truck insurance team members can help you understand all of the details in a cargo policy and help cover wherever you may be exposed. 

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