Tow Truck Insurance

Don't get left on the hook. With so much riding on your truck, it is vital to have the right insurance designed specifically for towing operators.

Tow Truck Insurance

Like any commercial vehicle, tow trucks need insurance to operate legally in California. Owners should also insure their tow trucks for physical damage so that they can protect their investment. Since tow trucks are involved in the transportation of heavy items, they can face unique liability risks and not having the right towing coverage could cost you.

Specialized Coverage for Tow Truck Operators

Special coverages such as On-Hook and Garagekeepers Legal Liability are designed specifically for tow truck operators:

Garagekeepers is protection for vehicles while they are being repaired/stored. There are a few insurance companies that cater to towing risks and they will extend garagekeepers coverage to include the vehicle that is in tow. Other insurance companies, however, will reserve this coverage to only specified locations.

On-Hook coverage for the vehicle being towed. Some insurance carriers exclude certain things in their on-hook coverage. For example, some policies won’t cover you in the event that a car gets “dropped” or if improper towing techniques cause damage to the vehicle in tow.

Get a Quote for California Tow Truck Insurance

The Insurance Store has been writing towing risks for several decades and can quote competitive rates with those important tow coverage’s on the spot. As an independent agency, we have access to many different markets for insuring tow trucks and are able to service both small and large sized towing and auto transport businesses, giving you security and confidence behind each truck.

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