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Meet Shayln

You can’t say much about Shalyn Nelson without bringing up her rather large family.  Shalyn is the fifth of 8 children- seven girls and only one boy, and grew up in her father’s hometown of San Diego, Ca.  Her father was Norven Storrs, the founder of The Insurance Store.

She has many fond memories of growing up with a protective but extremely loving and all-around great father.  He is her #1 hero, and she catches a glimpse of his toughness and reliability in herself every day as she strives to be more like him always.

Currently, Shalyn has a beautiful family of her own. The oldest of four is currently in her second year of college and her baby is in second grade. Shalyn loves traveling with her husband, Joe, whom she has been married to for almost 24 years, though their happiest place on earth is Disneyland, of course!

Her family shares a mutual love of movie night! Going out for a new movie with her four children is always fun, but staying indoors and watching classics like “Private Eyes” is her all-time favorite!

Shalyn can be found rearranging your couch pillows or any decoration in your home, as she has quite the eye for interior design. Her home is straight out of a Pottery Barn catalogue, and she finds that most of her money gets spent there. She loves party planning and anything crafty. She is commonly found decorating and planning parties for the church, weddings, and any social gathering.