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Trucks and Overhead Clearance

Heads Up!

Truck drivers must be aware of overhead clearances at all times.

  1. A driver cannot rely just on posted clearances; you must know the height of the equipment and/or load in order to know if there is enough clearance. If a clearance is doubtful, stop in a safe place and check before proceeding.
  2. Beware of bridges, tunnels, and underpasses, as they may have adequate clearance in the center but not on the edge /side of the roadway.
  3. On roadways with an underpass, the grade of the road may change. A vehicle/trailer/load that clears in the front, may hit on the other side of the bridge.
  4. When entering a warehouse, beware of insufficient clearance when driving under an overhead door.
  5. Check overhead clearances such as tree limbs, phone/electrical lines, canopies, etc. when driving in the city.
  6. When driving on narrow streets or alleys, be keenly aware of lights, signs, utility poles, stairways, and parked vehicles.